The 12 Days of Fitmas | Day 2 - Kickboxing Interval Workout

This kickboxing interval workout is designed to incinerate calories, rev up your heart rate and carve up your core. 

One Round consists of:

Eight types of kicks performed with maximum effort for 30 seconds each followed by a 15-second rest break in between kicks. 

Repeat for a total of 3 rounds. Rest up to one minute between each round. 

Here are the 8 types of kicks:

1 Left leg speed roundhouse
2 Right leg speed roundhouse
3 Right leg power roundhouse
4 Left leg power roundhouse
5 Alternating left speed roundhouse, right power roundhouse
6 Alternating right speed roundhouse left power roundhouse
7 Right leg switch kick roundhouse
8 Left leg switch kick roundhouse

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