The 12 Days of Fitmas | Day 3 - Medicine Ball Century Workout

This is a “century” style medicine ball workout incorporating both cardio and strength. 

One Round consists of:

10 different exercises performed with good form for 10 reps each with very little rest in between exercises. 

Repeat for 5 rounds.

Rest up to one minute between each round. Work up to 10 rounds. 

The 10 medicine ball exercises are as follows:

1 MB Atomic Sit-Up
2 MB Seated Bike Abs 
3 MB Plank Jacks
4 MB V-Ups
5 MB Jack Press
6 MB Push-Ups
7 MB Seated Slam Twist
8 MB Swing
9 MB Single Leg Alternating Deadlift
10 MB Burpee Push-Up

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