The 12 Days of Fitmas | Day 4 - The Park Bench Workout

This workout alternates between lower and upper body exercises using nothing but a bench! One Round consists of:

Ten different exercises performed with good form and speed for 5 reps each with very little rest in between exercises.

Perform the exercises as many times as you can for five minutes to complete one round. Repeat for 5 rounds.

Rest up to one minute between each round.

The 10 exercises are the following:

  1. Step-Ups (left and right)
  2. Incline Push-Ups
  3. Lateral Step Ups (left and right)
  4. Decline Push-Ups
  5. Plyo Split Squat
  6. Plyo Incline Push-Ups
  7. Alternating Power-Ups
  8. Bench Dips
  9. Single-Leg Pike
  10. Incline Tricep Push-Ups

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